Ko.gl URL Shortener is a powerful link shortening tool. Use our Link Shortener to shorten a long URL and generate a short link. If you need custom url shortener, follow the analytics and have full control over your links. Create your account now at the link below and access our dashboard. Shorten Facebook, Instagram, Youtube & Whatsapp links. Shorten the link as you like.

リンクが正常に短縮されました。 さらにカスタマイズオプションをご希望ですか?


Perfect for shortening long links

Shorten custom links and branded links.

Custom branded domain

Need a tool to create card-style link pages and shorten links as well as preserve and represent your brand? ko.gl provides this opportunity. Use your branded domain and increase your companys profile.

Advanced Statistics

Daily analytics, referrers, countries, operating systems, languages and more. You can even track every click with pixels to get high-quality data for low-cost retargeting and ads. Perfect for Marketing.

Custom link

Create links with custom, easy-to-remember words without having to shorten your links to random letters and numbers. Customize your links with branded domains and custom aliases.

Do it all with just one link

Create beautiful card-style links pages and add multiple links. Share the most important links on your social media profiles like Instagram and TikTok. A card-style link page takes visitors beyond their profile to another world on the web with just one link.

Do it all with just one link

Our platform allows our customers to shorten unsightly long addresses to provide a better overall experience. It also provides a number of powerful tools to better serve our members.

Customizable QR Codes

Create beautiful dynamic and customizable QR Codes for your marketing campaigns. In addition to the black and white version, you can create custom colored QR Codes to match your brand.


Monitor all your Links

Monitor all short links, Bio link and their QR Codes. Our system allows you to keep track of everything. See daily reviews, referrers, countries, operating systems, languages and more.


Over 20 smart features

File Upload

You can create links by uploading image files, compressed files, and various document files. No image server is required.








Easily add your own domain name for short your links and take control of your brand name and your users' trust.




Connect with popular tools and boost your productivity.